Image of A Wedding in Springtime (Marriage Mart)


Image of A Wedding in Springtime (Marriage Mart)

With a break from her medieval Highlander series, Forester promises her fans a warm, humorous jaunt through Regency England — and she delivers with a cast of engaging characters and delightful intrigue. Always adept at navigating the stuffy minds and drawing rooms of old, Forester keep fans coming back for good reason.

When Genie Talbot makes a hash of her presentation at court, any hope of securing a good marriage is over. Desperate to avoid ruining her cousin’s betrothal to a duke, Genie submits to the combined will of her aunt and the duke’s mother to find a suitable match. Unfortunately, the rake who caused her disgrace is the only man she likes. William Grant avoids debutantes like the plague until he realizes how gravely he’s hurt Genie. What follows is a descent into the worst of all diseases for Grant: true love. Grant and Genie’s budding love will be put to the ultimate test — surviving the machinations of their titled elders. (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 391 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black