"Name your fantasy and we'll make it happen." It sounds sexy, but the men of Thrillseekers Anonymous aren't into that kind of fantasy fulfillment. No, these hunky heroes have an ultra-private, extreme-sports adventure company. Now Hollywood's hottest couple wants to combine a thrill trip with a posh wedding. The men of T.A. can deliver the danger, but to pull off this merger they're going to need a hush-hush wedding planner who can tackle wild territory outside of Los Angeles.

After losing her dot-com job and being forced to move in with her parents, Marnie Banks is desperate to get a solo wedding gig. She knows one lucky break could make her career. When T.A.'s Eli McCain auditions her for the wedding planner job, she's beside herself with glee. Never mind that she's required to climb a rope and run track instead of present her portfolio. She recognizes a brass ring when she sees it and will do anything to catch it. Referee a hotheaded couple? No prob. Talk some sense into a burgeoning Bridezilla? Sure thing. Keep her hands off romance-wary McCain? Now, that might be a problem!

Imagine if Bennifer had gone through with their engagement and somehow ended up in their own comedy-of-errors game of Survivor, and you have a good idea what London's fabulously farcical book is all about. With delicious digs at Hollywood's excess, nutty trends, killer one-liners, highly amusing characters and hot, hot, hot sex, London sets her newest series up to be a real blockbuster. (Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Clark