When Leonora Freemantles uncle proposes a wager for her to transform ex-Rifleman Sergeant Morese Archer into an educated well-spoken officer and gentleman in three months, she eagerly accepts. If she wins, she can open a school for young girls that offers independence and freedom from marriage. This is her dream.

The spectacle-wearing, bluestocking spinster is a hard taskmaster and Morse wonders how conjugating Latin verbs will make him a gentleman. He decides a little flirtation is in order and before long the student becomes the teacher as Morse awakens a passion in Leonora and himself.

His first society appearance goes smoothly and Morse and Leonora are confident the wager is won. But a spiteful woman from Morses past, a proposal of marriage to a woman he doesnt love, and rascally Uncle Hugo playing Cupid, all conspire to create havoc between Leonora and Morse.

A reverse My Fair Lady, THE WEDDING WAGER is a delightfully written story. SENSUAL (Jun., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond