Image of The Wedding Wager


Image of The Wedding Wager

Centering on the classic marriage-of-convenience trope with a little twist, this is a sweet story with a humorous plotline, quirky characters and a very subtle romance. But some readers may feel unfulfilled by the lack of heat between the protagonists and their sudden declarations of love.

Kevin Wake has one week to get married or his family will lose their inheritance. Megan Mully just got out of the hospital after a devastating car accident that left her jobless, homeless and in debt. When she answers an ad for an assistant, she never imagines it will lead to a wedding — hers. Kevin needs an attractive, educated bride and Megan needs her debts paid off, so they strike a deal. But as Kevin and Megan spend time together, both begin to realize that they want more than just a marriage of convenience. (REGINA DUKE, Nov., 204 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson