Rachel Cresswell delights in her easy conquests and notoriety as the beautiful and exotic Devil's Daughter. Indeed, she is the most like her father of all the Devilish Dandy's daughters: wild, impetuous and passionate. She is also gentle, kind-hearted and fiercely loyal to those she loves, but this is a well-kept secret, even from herself. It will take a special man, indeed, to charm and woo the impulsive and vibrant beauty into the trap that she considers marriage to be.Anthony Clarke is just such a man and when his path crosses the lovely Rachel's at a country house party, it is a delicate dance that traces the path between seduction and trust. Debbie Raleigh has delivered not only a tender and sensuous love story, but, also a tale of family injustices righted and of love's enduring power to take the unwary by surprise. Ms. Raleigh draws the stories of the Devilish Dandy's three daughters to a completely satisfying close with her best tale yet in THE WEDDING WISH (4.5). (Apr., 219 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck