Image of Weddings from Hell


Image of Weddings from Hell

Weddings can be an epicenter for disaster, as this talented quartet aptly demonstrates. Vampires, ghosts and curses converge to give these stories plenty of spark and thrills. These stars and rising stars of the paranormal/UF genre ensure readers will have a great time, even if all hell is breaking loose!

Shayne leads off the quartet with her tale " 'Till Death," where an unexpected inheritance and a deadly family curse lead Kira Monroe to Scotland and handsome solicitor Ian Stewart.

Frost revs things up with her offering "Happily Never After" where in order to pay off an old debt to his sire Bones, vampire Chance arrives to rescue reluctant almost-bride Isa from her dangerous wannabe-mobster fiance.

Garey's tale "Ghouls Night Out" places reluctant bridesmaid Nicki Styx at a wedding being haunted by the ghost of the previous bridesmaid. You just know that can't be good.

Smith closes the book with her historical offering "The Wedding Night," where vampire Payen Carr vows to prevent the wedding of his former love Violet to a member of the despicable Order of the Silver Palm. (HARPER, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith