Clayton addresses the themes of mothers and daughters, friendships, love and betrayal through beautiful storytelling. She delves deep into the human heart as she expresses the personal struggles of her main characters. Solid pacing, an intricate plot and genuine characters hook you in and keep you hanging on until the very last page is turned.

Hope Tantry travels to the English cottage that her late mother, Ally, and four of her mother’s friends — the Wednesday sisters — used as a writers retreat. Joined by her friends, Anna Page and Julie, each of them a daughter of a Wednesday sister, they sort through Ally’s personal things. As the three of them work on deciphering Ally’s old notebooks, written in a mysterious code, they deal with their own personal struggles. Hope soon discovers that her mother’s stays in England were for deeper reasons. (BALLANTINE, Jul., 304 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates