This fast, entertaining novel has
colorful characters and clever plot twists. Nichols evenly develops her three main characters, each of whom has personal trials, a heavy heart
and longs to find her place in life. Readers will become engaged by
these quirky personalities, who are
a source of comic relief, and then become entranced when situations morph from "not what they seem" to the completely unexpected.

Eve Crenshaw flees New York City and a stuffy ex-boyfriend to find solace in her best friend's home on Broome Island. Natasha Kent, a longtime islander, is busy suffering for her art and figuring out what's missing from her life. Kim Gray, an island native, spends her days cooking, canning and mourning the loss of a baby and her marriage.

When the three ladies team up they connect as more than just friends and unleash something much bigger than their inner own strengths. As the island comes under siege they must remain strong and united if they are to save it -- but it seems one man has another plan altogether. (Red Dress Ink, Aug., 296 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen