Image of A Week from Sunday


Image of A Week from Sunday

This richly detailed, intensely captivating
novel of star-crossed lovers comes brilliantly alive and displays Garlock's merit as of one of America's most endearing historical
fiction authors.

Adrianna Moore mourns the death of her father, a successful Shreveport, La., banker who was crippled by polio. Then she learns from Richard Pope, her father's attorney, that her father left him in charge of her inheritance. If she doesn't wish to lose her home and her wealth, Pope insists that she marry him in a week's time.

Adrianna detests the aging Pope and decides to escape to her aunt's home in Mississippi. But on the way, she crashes into an oncoming truck. Quinn Baxter, the driver, is upset because the crash ruined a shipment of liquor that he intended to use at his bar. As restitution, he suggests that Adrianna play piano at his bar until her car is repaired.

Besides playing the piano, Adrianna is a boarder at Quinn's home and helps tutor his crippled younger brother. As the attraction between Quinn and Adrianna grows, their blossoming relationship is threatened by the jealousy of others -- who are determined that Quinn and Adrianna will never be together. (Grand Central, Nov., 372 pp., $22.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick