Image of The Week Before the Wedding


Image of The Week Before the Wedding

In an engaging story about matters of the heart, Kendrick perfectly captures the struggle between who we really are and who we want to be. With its endearing characters and page-turning plot, this novel balances humor and emotion in a way that begs it to be read in one sitting.

After years of searching, Emily McKellips has found the stability she’s always craved with her handsome surgeon fiancé. Arriving in a picturesque Vermont town for their wedding, Emily only sees her bright future ahead, pushing aside all thoughts of her tumultuous past. Her calm exterior starts to crack when the ex-husband she’s tried to forget shows up after 10 years without contact, stirring up all the old feelings. With only a week until she says “I do,” Emily has to decide to whom her heart belongs and which version of herself she wants to be for the rest of her life. (NAL, May, 275 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly