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by Karen Templeton

Genre: Series, Silhouette Special Edition, Current Series Imprints

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WELCOME HOME, COWBOY (4) by Karen Templeton: An embittered Cash Cochran returns to his hometown and looks up his old friend, Lee, from whom he’s been estranged for years. Instead, he meets headstrong Emma, Lee’s wife, and finds out that his friend has died. A very pregnant, widowed Emma is left to take care of her two children along with a farm and all the responsibilities that come with it. After offering his services and helping Emma with the farm, Cash finds his hard heart softening. Emma, in return, finds love again. Authentic, down-to-earth characters in real-life situations and a genuine love story make this a great read.

Reviewed By: Melanie Bates


Published: July 2010

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4 Stars

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Welcome Home, Cowboy /Wed In The West/

Submitted by mlacroix on July 27, 2010 - 3:05pm.

It had been years since Cash Cochran has been home. The home he knew was now the home of widow Emma Manning and her two children. Knowing he had to get rid of his demons Cash offers to help pregnant Emma with her farm. Now a burnt out musician, Cash knew he should never fall for Emma, but there was something about Emma and her brood that tugged on his cold heart strings. Cash slowly comes to terms with his childhood and falls in love with Emma.

The first five chapters of this book read like a Love Inspired, because Emma was so spiritual. Not that I have anything against Love Inspired, I read them, but I didn't expect it in a Silhouette Special Edition. The story it's self was one of redemption. I think those of us who have had bad childhoods can relate to this book. I know I sure did. Cash was a very sympathetic character and Emma was so strong. Basically this book was the opposite of what books usually are. The Heroine was saving the Hero's life.