Image of Welcome to Last Chance


Image of Welcome to Last Chance

This is the first in the Last Chance series. Though the plotting is fairly competent here, the novel never quite takes off. The characters remain caricatures of small-town Southern life. It is always a difficult thing to walk the line between laughing at rural biases and creating real humor. The treatment of angels and religious convictions is another delicate matter. Maybe the next book will achieve liftoff.

Mary Smith buys a ticket to Last Chance, figuring that no one, including the weasel on her tail, will find her in nowhere Carolina. When she arrives she heads for the local night spot, where she makes an amazing discovery. This tiny town possesses a fiddler who looks as hot as he plays. After an electrifying night at the Peach Blossom Motor Court, Mary goes through the guy’s wallet, trying to put a name to the fiddling hottie; he gets the wrong idea (thinking she is stealing) and goes through her stuff, finding her true ID — Wanda Jane Coblentz. Thus we begin the romance of Jane and Wyatt. Not a good start, but with the interference of the Ladies Auxiliary of the local church, the Cut ’n’ Curl Beauty Salon (gossip central and owned by Wyatt’s mama), local police (Wyatt’s brother) and the angels of the universe (or the Lord, depending on who’s talking) all will end well. (FOREVER, Mar., 368 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan