Wherever Meg Langslow is, absurdity is sure to follow. So it is with Andrews' rollicking new mystery. A walk on the wild side awaits Meg and her beau, Michael, when they attend the most unconventional of conventions.

Michael has a role on the TV show Porfiria, Queen of the Jungle, and he must attend a fan gathering, where zealous viewers bring the Amblyopia jungles to life. The convention has been transformed into a faux jungle, complete with parrots, monkeys and other denizens. Costumed conventioneers abound, impersonating favorite characters.

When the show's star is murdered, there are suspects aplenty— and the sole witness may be one of the parrots. Meg does some behind-the-scenes sleuthing to help steer the authorities in the right direction— that being away from Michael.

Those who have attended fan conventions will be amused by Andrews' depiction of such an event. Those who haven't will see how crazy one can really be. Add monkeys and talking parrots to the mix, and there's nothing in store but fun— more fun than a barrel of monkeys, I daresay. An excellent addition to an outstanding series. (Feb., 304 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters