Christina Dodd sweeps readers away to a different Scotland-one enshrouded in mystery and magic as well as romance, as an English gentleman and a determined Scottish lass cross wills.

For years it has been rumored that Lady Alana McLeod has disappeared, leaving her manor without its owner. But the night Ian Fairchild arrives at Fionnaway, claiming the house as his own, Alanna confronts the audacious Englishman.

For Ian, Fionnaway represents a cherished place of his childhood. The only darkling among a family of blondes, his heritage a family secret, Ian is seeking some peace. But he can only hold his new home if he marries Alanna and she has assured him at knife-point that she will not be anyone's bride.

Ian uses all his skill to charm the recalcitrant lady. Their courtship is as unique as they are and as sensual and passionate as the waves that crash upon the shores near Fionnaway.

Ian must heal the wounds inflicted on Alanna by his ruthless father and she must accept him for what he is and hold the magical, wonderful secret of his birth within her heart. Together they try to solve the mystery behind a stolen cache of priceless gems and unmask their enemies before it's too late.

Like a magician with a pen, Christina Dodd enchants us with a delightfully different and wonderfully inventive romance. Always striving for the unusual, Ms. Dodd has outdone herself in a tale that is spun with magic, yet is always romantic and captivating. SENSUAL (Mar., 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin