Image of We'll Never Tell


Image of We'll Never Tell

With suspense, drama, back-stabbing sorority sisters and a killer on the prowl, We'll Never Tell quickly draws readers in to the happenings on the University of Buffalo campus. Perrin's characterizations and descriptive language are vivid and true to life and
culminate in an unexpected, but
satisfying ending.

Phoebe has had enough of Shandra, a pledge at her sorority, coming on to her man and decides it's time to teach her a lesson. She rounds up her girls to set her plan of revenge in motion. All seems to go well when her boyfriend turns his attention back to her, but things take a rocky turn when Shandra comes up missing. Each of the sorority sisters has to decide what's more important to them: a unified front, their positions in the sorority, their future or telling the complete truth. It all comes to a surprising end and they are faced with the possibilities of what a person will do for love, hate, jealousy or revenge. (St. Martin'S Griffin, Mar., 336 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tee C. Royal