Image of The Well of Shades (Bridei Chronicles)


Image of The Well of Shades (Bridei Chronicles)

The third book in the Bridei Chronicles series is an excellent stand-alone novel. Backstory is so skillfully woven into
the narrative that even newcomers
can appreciate the emotional and
plot-furthering nuances of every scene. Marillier's passion for Celtic music, Irish folklore and languages is evident in her writing -- the characters and plot form
a fine example of literary Celtic knotwork: Twists and turns, bright threads and unexpected shadings contribute to a satisfying whole. Fans of the series will not be disappointed with this installment.

Faolan has been dispatched on a triple mission: convey news of Deord's death to his family; gather intelligence on Brother Colm; and make peace with his family and past. But nothing is easy in fifth-century Ireland. Faolan's mission is complicated by the acquisition of a teenage girl, Eile, and her tiny daughter, Saraid. At a time of great intrigue and trouble at court and abroad, King Bridei's chief adviser, Broichan, is missing, and no one, save the king's own toddler son, can find him -- and only then by using his faerie magic.

As malicious, subtle enemies threaten peace, Faolan, Eile, Broichan and King Bridei himself must learn about the hardest lesson of all -- love. (Tor, May, 496pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes