Madeline de Montmorency has been in a convent for ten years waiting for her brother. When she hears from him, she learns she has been betrothed.

Her brother, Sir Roger, is a hardened warrior, unchanged in the last decade, who plans to use Madeline as a pawn for his benefit. Madeline refuses to follow his rule and marry.

Daffyd ap Iolo, Welsh rebel, has just escaped from a monastery after his wound healed. He is determined to find the fastest way back to Wales.

On their way from the convent, Madeline and Roger's entourage is attacked. Roger is wounded and Madeline taken captive by the brigands. Daffyd happens upon the scene, saves Madeline and foolishly thinks that by delivering her to the nearest Norman noble she will be safe.

However, when they come upon the nobleman, Guy de Robespierre, they see that he is a cruel man. At the first opportunity they escape and by now are feeling an attraction toward one another.

Though the plot is predictable and the characters stereotypical of many medieval romances, fans of the genre will enjoy another journey into the past with Margaret Moore. SENSUAL (Dec., 285 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer