It has been 10 long years since Wendy MacPhersons husband, Seth Darfield, abandoned her. But she has gone on with her life since then and become a success in her job working with juvenile offenders. So successful, in fact, that she has friends in high placesfrom the Mayor to angels. Yet none of that seems to truly matter. Wendy still wants to know what happened to Seth and why he left her.

As if in slow motion, Wendys story unfolds as background while she is driving on her way to work. It seems as if her life is flashing before her eyes while the reader learns about her painful past. Occasionally, between some of the history, her guardian angels discuss their job and concern for her.

Finally, when it seems that Wendy may be willing to let go of her past, a moment of crisis changes everything.

Sadly, Roger Elwoods interesting premise of angels among us in Wendys Phoenix takes too long to tell. There is little action for three quarters of the book. The idea had great potential but falls flat with a limited romantic element, repetitiveness and a lengthy background story.

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston