This trilogy of “feel-good” short stories is an entertaining lead-in to the Christmas season. Each story celebrates family and community, love and romance.

Chloe Hanley is given only a few weeks to find the money and labor to renovate her grandfather’s church or the property will be used to build a hotel. She turns to Owen Reardon, a childhood friend and carpenter, for help. Together with a small group of volunteers, they are determined to finish the project in time for “Christmas in Red Willow,” (Mild) by St. John. In “The Sheriff’s Housekeeping Bride”(Mild) by Kernan, Eliza Flannery is on the run when she decides to pose as Mrs. Guntherson, new housekeeper for Trent Foerster, Butte’s sheriff. Trent is both frustrated and drawn to this beautiful young woman — then the real Mrs. Guntherson arrives on the scene. “Wearing the Rancher’s Ring,” (Hot) by Sands, has struggling widow Rachel Bodine nursing a wounded man found on her land back to health. The attraction is strong, but she and Cooper have issues that could keep them apart. (HARLEQUIN, Oct., 283 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts