Jane Wilde is getting over a divorce, and her friends want to do something to perk her up. She's always wanted to learn to swim but was too terrified. But with the carrot of a cruise at the end of the lessons, Jane reluctantly agrees. Her swimming instructor, Josh DeWet is tall, blond and hot, and Jane's body reacts immediately. Her first lesson goes well, but when she goes under, it's Josh who comes to her rescue and her attraction to him overrides her nervousness.

Josh is very dominant in bed, but Jane enjoys every minute of it. Still, there is something odd about him--he only eats seafood and his home is like a large aquarium. For a woman terrified of water, this is definitely hard to take. But, somehow, Josh makes it all OK.

When Josh asks Jane to marry him, she accepts. But when he tells her that he is a Selkie--a merman--she thinks she has fallen in love with a psycho. Josh must return to the sea and Jane must make a decision to either follow him or stay on land. Will her love for him be strong enough to get over her fears?

This is a fun story in which love overrules fear and good characters find their way to each other. The sex scenes are hot, with some light bondage, which may not be for every reader. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager