Image of What the Cat Saw


Image of What the Cat Saw

Hart’s unusual method for revealing clues is a highlight of this tense drama as each is exposed through Jugs the cat. Although Nela’s relationship with Steve is professional, there’s a hint of romance and a continuing series. Each character is carefully layered and woven into a story filled with thrills and surprises.

Nela Farley is able to read the thoughts of cats. When she takes over her sister Chloe’s life for a week, though, the housecat where she is staying reflects the possible murder of the apartment’s former inhabitant. Ignoring the insight, Nela assumes Chloe’s job and begins a routine among the unusual people working for the Haklo Foundation. When an office is trashed and an expensive necklace goes missing, suspicion falls on Chloe, then Nela. Nela must use her abilities to find out the truth, but her curiosity puts her on a murderer’s watch list. (PRIME CRIME, Oct., 304 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates