Image of What the Dead Know


Image of What the Dead Know

In her latest stand-alone, Lippman finally delivers the breakout book her fans have been waiting for. This masterful suspense novel is also a vibrant portrait
of one family's tragedy in 1970s Maryland. The meticulous research
and complex characters lend a realism and breadth to this story that elevates
it above the common mystery novel.
The careful parceling out of information and clues in each flashback creates a tension-filled page-turner with an unexpected, clever denouement.

Most people in Baltimore County who remember the Bethany sisters, Sunny and Heather, who went missing from a local mall in 1975, are dead or gone. So when the perpetrator of a hit-and-run near the town claims to be Heather, it's difficult to prove her story.

Young cop Kevin Infante can't quite suspend his disbelief, even though she seems to know everything about the case. One thing he's sure of -- this woman knows how to manipulate people and the truth to get what she wants. But is she the long-missing girl, or does she have some other hidden agenda for coming forward? (Harper, Mar., 400 pp., $7.99)
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