Image of What A Demon Wants


Image of What A Demon Wants

Although the mystery wears thin at times, it is fun to watch Love create
a multifaceted challenge for these unusual lovers. Their supernatural natures makes them a couple to
remember, in what would otherwise
be an unsurprising tale.

Ellina's older and extremely overprotective brother has just hired this budding author a supernatural bodyguard, Jude. Despite her initial resistance -- what's the use in being a (half) demon if you can't protect yourself? -- she comes to terms with having the sexy man around the house. He definitely comes in handy when it's time to antagonize the rest of her family. But when the threat against Ellina becomes terrifyingly real, will they be able to find the stalker before it's too late? (BRAVA, Feb., 272 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan