Linden follows What a Woman Needs with a heartwarming marriage-of-convenience love story between a reserved duke and a strong-willed vicar's widow. Though the plotline may not
be new, the warm and wonderful
secondary characters will have you smiling and cheering the lovers as
they learn lessons in love from a
multitalented author who will have
you sighing with pleasure.

When hell-raiser Lord David Reece breaks his leg and is rescued by widowed Hannah, he decides to help her by marrying her by proxy to his twin brother, Marcus. Hannah has no idea it's not David she is marrying and is stunned when a furious Marcus confronts her. But for propriety's sake they agree to a "trial" marriage, followed by a quiet separation. Neither counts on his family's well-intentioned interference to keep them together. Throw in a mystery surrounding counterfeiters and their gently growing love, and you have a real charmer. (Zebra, Sep., 380 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin