Hayley Jane Smith is having a bad day. Her next-cube officemate stinks, and unfortunately, Hayley discovers why. He's dead. The good news is there's a gorgeous detective working the case. But when they get off to an awkward start, Hayley wonders if she's blown a beautiful thing.

Thank goodness for Sunday brunch with the girls: Suz, who works as a sexy beer promotions girl; Diane, who's so afraid of the working life she collects degrees instead; and Audra, the financial success. Hayley has a talent for getting herself into awkward messes and continues to seek her pals' not-so-helpful advice, which prompts often funny, entertaining fallout that rarely yields good results.

This is an easy read, but the pacing drags because there's not much at stake for the characters. An enjoyable tale for a Saturday afternoon. (Mar, 264 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris