Image of What Happens in London


Image of What Happens in London

For humor, cleverness and sassy
dialogue there is nothing quite like
a Julia Quinn novel. Her characters
are of the time, yet still quite modern,
and their stories are filled with passion, intrigue and history. What's not to adore in this sequel to The Secret
Diary of Miss Miranda Cheever!

People wonder why Lady Olivia Bevelstoke is unwed: Could she be waiting for the Russian prince to propose? Actually, Olivia is intrigued by her new neighbor, Lord Harry Valentine, whom she's surreptitiously been watching him through her window.

Harry is aware of Olivia's scrutiny and captivated by her, not just because she's part of his latest assignment. The usually reclusive agent attends society functions to spy on the prince, whom the home office suspects of treachery. Harry must keep a close eye on the possible French sympathizer, and that means keeping Olivia in sight as well. This proves to be a delight for them both; they begin conversing through their windows, discussing the latest gothic novel, meeting at balls and concerts and soirees. But danger stalks Olivia, and Harry must keep a watchful eye on the woman with whom he's quickly falling in love. (AVON, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin