After 18 years of marriage, Anna Essex's husband is arrested for lewd behavior, caught in a sex act with another man, much to her shock. She soon finds out he wants a divorce. Trying to rebuild, she starts painting again and is tempted by a chance to live in Paris. Although she's afraid, Anna takes the chance of a lifetime and moves, opening the door to the chance for an affair with a much younger man and a relationship with the mysterious sculptor Jean Luc Le Garric. But can Anna ever get over the shock of betrayal and move on? What Happens in Paris (Stays in Paris?) (3) by Nancy Robards Thompson is an interesting, if largely unrealistic, look at the artistic life. Anna's insecurities are understandable, but her quick jealousy of Jean seems overdone. Still, this is an enjoyable romance with an exotic location.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor