Debut author McQuiston delights with a unique take on The Hangover that is destined to have readers laughing out loud, cheering on the confused lovers and enjoying every moment of this love and laughter-filled treat. McQuiston creates a plot that captivates.

Widow Georgette Thorold has a dislike of marriage, so when she wakes up next to a handsome Scotsman she doesn’t remember, with a wedding ring on her finger, she hits him over the head with a chamber pot and bolts. James McKenzie is determined to make his own way in the world. But one night might destroy his chances at redeeming his reputation. He does recall trying to protect a very drunk young woman from the randy men in town, but he can’t quite wrap his mind around his sudden marriage. While Georgette is reunited with her scheming cousin and James searches for her, each begins remembering snippets of the night they shared. When they finally meet, Georgette wants an annulment and James believes she’s a con artist. Have they made the biggest mistake of their lives, or stumbled into the best thing they have ever done? (AVON, Mar., 380 pp. $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin