Everyone desires the wrong partner in Isabel Sharpe's What Have I Done for Me Lately? (2). Christine Bayer wants a successful husband to give her the life she wants and has been manipulating Ryan Masterson to notice her. Former bad boy Ryan has decided calm, ladylike Christine is the perfect wife for a successful man. Jenny Hartmann has written a successful book telling women to think of their own pleasure. Her pleasure is Ryan, the bad boy who used her badly in high school. She vows to enjoy him physically and bring him back to the sexy side even if Christine is in the picture. While the writing is fine and smooth, the characters don't click. Jenny is annoying rather than edgy. Reasons are given for Ryan's terrible early behavior, but they don't adequately explain his actions. And though the plot is stirred at the story's end to make everyone appear like good people who have learned their lessons, readers may have a hard time believing it.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor