Meleah is a resourceful and hard working woman who is attending school while working full time for her father at his bar Papa Jacks in Galveston. Meleah thwarts all advances from customers. Shes saved herself for Mr. Right and no one else will do.

Tarrant Cole is after revenge. His sister, Amber, is in a coma and her last words blamed Meleah for the accident. He spends night after night at Papa Jacks trying to get information. Meleah resists, not wanting to tell him what his sister was involved in.

Geri Guillaume has written an entertaining story with a delightful sense of humor (Crack open that wallet, pay up, and get your wannabe Will Smith-lookin self outta here.), but I did find it a little distracting to have more than one conflict to follow. Additionally, I would have liked more interaction between Meleah and Tarrant, whose relationship doesnt develop quickly enough. When they finally begin to get close, the authors ability to write with a sensual pen becomes very prominent and positively wonderful. (Jun., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pam Tullos