This title continues Kathleen Eagle's impressive tradition of providing her legion of fans with unforgettable characters and multifaceted, poignant stories. Ed. Note: This novel was chosen as an RT top pick for the hardcover release.

Years ago, teacher Helen Ketterling's life intersected with that of rising basketball star Reese Blue Sky. Their passion was intense, but when Helen discovered she was pregnant, she left town rather than possibly derail Reese's promising NBA career. Now, Helen is drawn back to the Bad River Lakota Tribe by a report of money skimming from the casino on the reservation.

Roy Blue Sky is a Tribal Elder, and he feels something is wrong with the amount of money being collected by the Ten Star Casino Management Company. Roy's younger son Carter works for Ten Star as the manager of the casino, which causes some friction. Roy's sudden death by a hit-and-run driver smells fishy to Helen who is working undercover in the casino.

Reese's homecoming is bittersweet, but Helen's presence opens up old emotions. However, Helen has kept her son Sydney's existence from his father, at first because she didn't want to burden Reese and then because she feared the laws regarding the return of Native American children to the reservation.

But now Helen must wonder if she has the right to keep these two apart any longer? On top of that, there are the nagging questions regarding Roys death and the trail of missing money from the casino that must be resolved.

(Jun., 384 pp., $6.99—Hardcover published August 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith