Image of What He's Been Missing


Image of What He's Been Missing

This novel features the classic case of the secondary characters being more interesting than the heroine. Wedding and event planners will always run into varied and crazy personality types. The action revolves around New Year’s Eve and the hope of a new beginning.

Rachel Wilson is the CEO of a wedding planning service. Ian has been her best friend since college. At 30, Rachel has no husband and no prospects. Meanwhile, Ian is getting married, and Rachel is having a hissy fit. She is extremely jealous of Ian and Scarlet. As she tries to destroy the marriage even before it takes place, Ian catches on and breaks off their friendship. Meanwhile, Rachel’s customers supply most of the entertainment. There’s a rapper who’s working on his third marriage and a news anchor who’s too attractive for his own good. Rachel reconnects with another classmate, Xavier, and they begin a relationship. Even though Xavier used to be a player, he cares for her deeply. There’s one more encounter with Ian, and finally, Rachel decides to get a life of her own. (DAFINA, Dec., 263 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis