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Image of What I Thought Was True


Image of What I Thought Was True

On the heels of her highly praised debut, What I Thought Was True is no doubt going to be the catalyst for another round of well-deserved accolades for Fitzpatrick. She has smart storytelling abilities, and her novels have a yearned-for richness and depth that readers will appreciate. There is a realness to this particular story that young adults can relate to, yet there are lighthearted moments galore. Watching Cass and Gwen fall in love is a true delight.

Taking a new summer job, Gwen Castle mistakenly assumes that she won’t have to worry about that one mistake with Cass Somers. Yeah, right. Guess who’s the new yard boy at said job? It’s none other than the boy she had a humiliating one-night stand with. Gwen knows she’s made some poor personal decisions and, as a result, she’s quick to keep her distance. But how long will that last when one look at Cass brings it all back? Maybe Gwen has it all wrong — maybe what she thought was true isn’t. The upside is … she’s got the whole summer to figure it all out. (DIAL, Apr., 416 pp., 17.99, ISBN: 9780803739093, HC, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch