Image of What Lies Beneath


Image of What Lies Beneath

WHAT LIES BENEATH (4.5) by Andrea Laurence: Laurence hits all the high points in her debut — romance, intrigue, evolution, passion and discovery — and elevates them to new heights. A woman wakes up from a coma after a plane crash. She’s told her name is Cynthia Dempsey, fiancée of newspaper mogul Will Taylor, but she can’t remember anything of her former life, the parents fussing over her or the handsome but distant man standing by her bedside. Will was ready to walk away from Cynthia before her accident, a result of an unforgiveable transgression, but the transformation of the woman she was into the kind and generous being she appears to be now has him confused. Can he trust the electricity running between them when they touch? Will her former self come back along with her memories? If this is Laurence’s first foray into the romance genre, then her second novel has a lot to live up to. She could easily become a fan favorite.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper