Image of What Lies Within (Family Honor Series #3)


Image of What Lies Within (Family Honor Series #3)

The third book in Ball's Family Honor series resonates with biblical truth. Kyla is a strong character, yet the reader can see her vulnerable side. A small mystery element, combined with an intriguing gang storyline, adds up to
a multifaceted plot sure to appeal to
a wide variety of readers.

A church in the heart of gang territory is destined to revert to its greedy prior owner unless the board can pull off a miracle and turn it into a youth center. Kyla Justice is the fourth contractor to be hired. All of the previous ones have been sabotaged or paid off. Kyla is determined to make it work, but so much is stacked against her.

And Kyla's boyfriend, Mason, is pushing for her to quit her job and marry him. If this is what is best, why does Kyla feel drawn to Rafe, the mysterious coffee shop owner? (MULTNOMAH, Nov., 352 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel