Reed Wilders quest to find the woman who stole the Wilder family heirloom is cut short when hes assaulted by robbers and seriously injured. Only the daring of a stranger saves him.

Shunned by the town for her past and alone but for her child, Lucy Ames risks her own life to see Reed properly cared for. Only later does she become suspicious and fear her secrets may no longer be safe.

Days pass before Reed finds out that his rescuer is none other than the woman he sought, and by then its too late. He cant reconcile what the reports say with what hes experienced of Lucy. Feeling indebted to her, Reed pays her back by repairing the homestead.

The idyll is shattered by the arrival of Lucys would-be suitor and the discovery of how the town has used Lucys rumored shame to its own advantage. Compelled to act for her sake, Reed begins to untangle the knots of half-truths and prejudices aimed at Lucy, putting his own future and heart at risk.

A quiet tale of faith and fortitude, Lucy and Reeds journey is one to warm the heart. SWEET (Feb., 315 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black