Image of What Matters Most (Arabesque)


Image of What Matters Most (Arabesque)

Although set in the present, Forster's romance feels old-fashioned, like
it's from another era. If you need
a book to pass the time, this is an acceptable read. If you're looking
for something to get your juices
flowing, this isn't it.

Melanie Sparks is a 31-year-old nursing student in Baltimore. She lives at home with her father, who is a controlling and abusive bully, and holds several jobs to pay her tuition and help support her father. She answers a listing for a nursing assistant, and Dr. Jack Ferguson hires Melanie as his all around girl Friday.

Soon, they began an affair, and she leaves home and starts to take charge of her life. She falls in love with Dr. Ferguson, but there are also issues with his father, who's opened a clinic on the wrong side of the railroad tracks, where Melanie hails from. The good doctor loves Melanie, so he fights to keep their love alive. Will he be successful? Will both fathers get a life? (Kimani/Arabesque, Oct., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis