Ever since his parents' deaths in a storm more than two decades earlier, Ewan Lochlain has been on a mission: to prove his father did not kill his mother and to seek revenge on his vicious Aunt Angela. As children, Ewan and his sister, Hallie, were forced into Angela's custody, but at 18 he left the town of Fairy Cove.

Ewan's childhood friend Cyd Callahan is a self-made businesswoman who also detests the all-powerful Angela. Angela treated Cyd's mother, a drug-addicted prostitute, and Cyd herself, like dirt. Now that she's grown up and successful, Cyd is ready to face Angela head-on.

After earning enough money to return to Fairy Cove, Ewan comes home, but the property he's interested in buying is one that Cyd also has her eye on. Are their childhood battles destined to continue into adulthood? Meanwhile, mysteries linger around every bend in Fairy Cove, including what really happened to Cyd one night when she was 6.

London is back with an edgy thriller that's sharp and taut. Cyd and Ewan are very complex individuals with loads of baggage, and tension is rife in this gripping read. (May, 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith