Image of What the Night Knows: A Novel


Image of What the Night Knows: A Novel

Koontz takes ominous and creepy to a whole new level as he ratchets up the tension to truly frightening levels. With characters made vulnerable by their all-too-human failings, Koontz has created a spine-tingling story that will definitely make readers want to keep the lights on!

Two decades ago Alton Turner Blackwood slaughtered four families, but was killed by the sole survivor of his last attack: 14-year-old John Calvino. Today, John is a homicide detective, happily married with three kids. John’s peace is shattered when 14-year-old Billy Lucas kills his own family. The parallels between the Lucas and Blackwood murders are chilling. When Billy even repeats the final words Blackwood spoke before John killed him, John suspects that Blackwood has somehow managed to return from hell. If the pattern holds, then John’s family will be next. (BANTAM, Jan., 442 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith