This lighthearted, fast-paced tale makes readers laugh out loud and root for the underdog. Molly is a funny, cynical and well-developed character who pulls readers into her world quickly, and you’ll soon be in love with her nemesis, Cameron. The author keeps it clean with imagine-sex-scene-here inserts that elicit bursts of giggles.

Convinced that head-over-heels love only exists in books and movies, Molly Hallberg, a writer in New York City, has no idea where to start when she is assigned to write a Nora Ephron-style article on how to recognize your soul mate. But she has to wow her editor if she ever hopes to get her own column. As Molly clumsily attempts to figure out the mystery of love, she realizes she knows even less than she once thought. Along the way, her friends and coworkers try to guide her, but she bumbles through it all until true love bites her in the proverbial backside when she meets mystery romance author Cameron Duncan. Of course, she blows that too, and must think of a grand gesture to win him back. (GALLERY, Jan., 320 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Michelle J. Watkins