Laurens celebrates her 10th anniversary with a new Cynster spinoff featuring Demon Cynster's protege, Dillon Caxton, one of the most sought-after men in England. He is handsome, wealthy and disenchanted with love, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying a game of seduction with Lady Priscilla Dalloway.

Priscilla's only goal is to find her missing twin, Russ, who she suspects is involved in a racing scandal. She needs Dillon's help to view the breeding register or Russ might very well die.

As the keeper of the register, Dillon is concerned about her obsession with the book. When Priscilla finally admits just what her interest is, she and Dillon, along with her brother and the Cynsters, become enmeshed in thwarting a swindle that could bring the racing world to its knees.

Laurens has proven her ability to tell a fast-paced story brimming with delightful characters (it is such fun to revisit Demon and Flick), a scintillating bit of suspense, colorful backdrops and sizzling love scenes. Here is just one more in her long line of entertaining novels that are sure to satisfy. SENSUAL (Mar., 390 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin