Image of What A Rogue Desires (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of What A Rogue Desires (Zebra Historical Romance)

Talented newcomer Linden continues her success with this captivating page-turner featuring memorable characters and entertaining plot twists.

David Reece is a scoundrel and a rogue. But he escapes deportation and worse thanks to the influence of his brother, the Duke of Exeter. Resolved to reform, David agrees to run the family estate while his twin is on his honeymoon. On the way to this daunting task, he's robbed by highwaymen who make off with his brother's signet ring. Luckily David is able to set a trap and capture one of them.

Vivian Beecham expected to be caught one day, just not by a lunatic lord bent on revenge. Her jailer turns out to be intriguing and fun, though. Close proximity makes them confidants of sorts, and passion soon seduces them both. All is forgotten and forgiven in the throes of love, until rumors surface of a new highwayman calling himself the Black Duke and wearing David's ring. The lovers have no choice but to find the imposter to save David from the hangman's noose. Little do they know that success will come at a steep price. (Zebra, Sep., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer