Image of What A Scoundrel Wants (Zebra Debut)


Image of What A Scoundrel Wants (Zebra Debut)

Lofty debuts with an adventurous romp that's a new take on the Robin Hood legend. The leading man will win readers' hearts as only a bad boy can. Lofty writes adventure romance like a born bard of old.

Estranged from his uncle Robin, Will hires himself out to the new Sheriff of Nottingham and is caught in a plot between the nefarious lawman and a powerful noble. When he rescues a blind young woman from the midst of a skirmish, he begins to suspect those he thought his friends are actually his foes.

Meg of Kentwood is not as helpless as Will thinks. She may have lost her sight, but she's determined to free her sister from the sheriff's dungeon -- where Will put her. Sparks fly between Will and Meg, and though they should be enemies, their mutual desire turns hot the more they race against time to evade the ruthless men sent to destroy them. (Zebra, Dec., 380 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin