Image of What White Boyz Ride


Image of What White Boyz Ride

In this sexy anthology the men are
heroic, hunky and yummy, and the women are brilliant and beautiful.
The stories are spicy and romantic.

In Natalie Dunbar's "Knight on a Jet Ski," Alexis Calhoun goes to a deserted island to find her writing muse -- what she discovers is actor David Anthony. In Karen White Owens' "Baby It's Cold Outside," Resa Warren moves to Michigan and meets ski instructor Clay Shire. In "Rode Hard" by Seressia Glass, Regina Lieberman starts her catering business, and biker Matt Ryan, a blast from her past, hires her. In Kelley Nyrae's "Enjoy the Ride," Evangeline Sinclair vacations in a winter wonderland and hooks up with snowboarder Ryan Barnes. In "Flow," by Simone Harlow, Travis, "Bama" Anderson tries to teach Robey Wade how to surf. (PARKER, Apr., 236 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg