An ancient scroll, a family feud, a wager and daring scheme bring mortal enemies Katya Rosskaya Alexander and Nicholas Duvall together on the road to adventure and passion.

Taking a dare to become a coachman, Nicholas Duvall, Earl of Barrington, and Lord of Scandal, meets Katya and is plunged into danger. Thinking she is a clever little gypsy thief, Nicholas convinces Katya to act as his mistress and pick the pockets of his friends in order to find the missing piece of a scroll.

Katya has little choice but to ride with Nicholas. She must get to Monaco and take over her parents magic act to uncover the reason for their deaths. Katya knows who Nicholas is and agrees to his plan sensing that she is walking into danger.

Fate has brought a Rosskaya and a DuValenti together again and leads Katya and Nicholas into intrigue as they search for the heirloom and find desire in the Monaco nights.

From the mesmerizing beginning to the surprising climax, WHAT WILD MOONLIGHT is a wild ride of an adventure romance destined to keep you reading all night. Simmering with sexual tension and the perfect amount of suspense, Victoria Lynne secures a place on readers book shelves. SENSUAL (Oct., 359 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin