When Sa Rah awakens, she can't remember anything except her name. The bruises on her throat and the fact that she was found in an alley are evidence that she was attacked. She dreams of a man who only appears in the shadows—her "shadow man."

Tristan Zax has traveled 1,000 years to Earth's past to find Sa Rah, who is really Princess Sa Rah Ta Rem of the planet Tanviera. Tristan and Sa Rah are truth mates, committed to spending their lives together. But he has competition for Sa Rah in the form of assassin Zerik Tarhon, who has been hired to kill Sa Rah.

This is a fascinating blend of time travel, science fiction and fantasy, with some especially sensual sex scenes interspersed for good measure. Whatever Tomorrow Brings is an enjoyable story, though it does drag in places. It's easy to become absorbed in the characters' lives, especially the secondary ones. (dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley