Celeste and Katrina take sibling rivalry to a whole new low, especially after Katrina steals Celeste's boyfriend. Never having gotten over the painful event or the feeling that her older sister doesn't love her, Katrina feels estranged from Celeste.

Then tragedy strikes each woman: Celeste's husband is found dead in a hotel room, surrounded by evidence of an affair, and Katrina finds out that her husband has been leading a double life. The two must come together to battle their demons.

Mallette captivates with this stunningly moving tale. Readers will become intimately familiar with both Celeste and Katrina. A shocking new level of drama is achieved as Mallette draws in readers through the cruel actions and emotions of both sisters. Humor balances out the depressing areas of the story and lightens the mood somewhat. With so much activity going on, this novel moves very rapidly, without foregoing any details. (Jan., 292 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton