Jaded by their daily routine, Janelle, Tanya and Natalie head to Miami for a little fun in the sun. The store manager, mother and beauty queen, respectively, seek glamour and glitz to break the monotony in their lives. They quickly become entangled in a high-rolling lifestyle. But nothing good lasts forever. When one of them crashes, it's enough to make all three re-evaluate their lives.

A cross between urban fiction and motivational reading, What's Real is a story of tough lessons learned. Poole invokes laughter at and sympathy for these women. Dynamic characters make the novel powerful. What's Real is not the typical gumdrop novel so prevalent today. Poole takes a daring approach to writing that is so lifelike, Janelle, Tanya and Natalie are sure to leave a lasting impression. (May, 322 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton