Image of When Alex Was Bad: A Novel of Erotic Suspense


Image of When Alex Was Bad: A Novel of Erotic Suspense

Davis really turns up the heat in her latest, an erotic suspense with just enough romance to fulfill readers' fantasies. The sex is frequent, varied (BDSM, threesomes) and hot, hot, hot, and the sex scenes are also well written. Davis explores the psychological as well as the physical aspects of "non-vanilla" sex, and takes the reader along for the ride. A definite keeper that's sure to satisfy.

Olivia has one chance to win back the affections of her lawyer husband, Alex: He's allowed to stray seven times, but he must recount the sex to her in detail and then accept whatever punishment she chooses to dole out.

Meanwhile, Jason, the mysterious younger man next door, has captured more than Olivia's attention -- and he's more than happy to keep her satisfied when Alex is busy with one of his trysts. Jason even helps Olivia with Alex's "punishments." Unfortunately, Alex and Jason both know some very dangerous people, people who don't like what the trio is up to personally and professionally, and who are ready to stop them -- with murder. (HEAT, Aug., 288 pp., $15.00)

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Rhomylly Forbes