Widowed teacher Emily Springer's daughter Heather has been the focus of her life for years. So when Heather, away at Harvard, announces she's not coming home for Christmas, Emily is badly shaken. She gets little sympathy from friend Faith Kerrigan and soon decides to surprise Heather with a visit. Money's tight so Emily arranges to swap homes with professor Charles Brewster for two weeks.

Simultaneously escaping Christmas and his meddling mother suits Charles fine, until he arrives in Leavenworth. He's horrified to be in Christmas Central with an assortment of noisy neighbors and an unexpected guest, Faith, keeping him from finishing his book.

Meanwhile, worried when she's unable to contact Charles, his mother sends his brother Ray to investigate. Ray finds Emily there and, before he knows it, true love.

Macomber once again demonstrates her impressive skill with characterization and her flair for humor. When Christmas Comes has it all—including elves and a goat! (Nov., 256 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer